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The Process

When, as a young child, I first fell and skinned my knee I began learning about healing. At first it wasn’t fun, but later as a fresh new surface took the place of bloody abrasion I noticed the living resilience of my own body. Perhaps it stands out in my memory because the event was a little dramatic, involving the flight of stairs into grandma’s basement. The resilience of my small body left me more interested in the blood and the drama than in the pain. While I healed I spent considerable time examining my knee, picking at it, and watching it change over time; a meaningful learning experience.

There were other traumas.  Some hurt much worse and were not so well examined or so well recovered from.  The common lot of us all. It seems necessary to experience injury in our formative years. Injuries happen to our bodies, but also, even in the best circumstances, affect us more deeply, and often we do not recover as well as we might.  Learning to improve that recovery or even to finally simply accomplish it as mature beings is what this blog is all about.