About Me

My name is Daniel Ward. My journey to Healing may give you a sense of the ways Structural Integration and The Process of Healing can help you live a pain-free life, instead of struggling with your body you can learn to acually enjoy it again, perhaps for the first time in years!
  Of several serious injuries in my life, probably the worst was an auto accident on 10/31/1990. Even before I completed my 500 hour Yoga certification I began to perceive more clearly the places deep in my body that had not actually recovered and were still effectively frozen. Asking one of my teachers for advice, I was told that a Rolfer would be able to release those deep-frozen places.
  That was all I needed to hear, I contacted Brett Linder and started the ten series. Rolfing Structural Integration indeed helped me to release problem areas in my body but that was just one of the benefits. The process was very similar to my own experience of Yoga, namely, when the body is healed and functioning correctly, the mind, the heart, and soul heal as well. Structural Integration can ease pain and help one find effective yet comfortable ways to move.
  The energy that was being used to hold ineffective adaptive patterns is released and many folks find, as I did, that they have more energy than they imagined possible.
  The effect was so profound that I enrolled at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder CO where I studied and practiced Rolfing Structural Integration so I could share the benefits of the practice with others. I graduated as a Certified Rolfer in 2017.


My personal yoga practice began in a small way when I picked up a paperback on Yoga from a corner drugstore in Kennewick, WA. I was still a youngster at the time but the Ethical Principles (Yamas and Niyamas) that I learned opened my eyes and ultimately changed the course of my life. This was the mid-60s and the practice I learned consisted of the only most basic asanas, pranayamas, and meditation.
  My simple practice saw me through three decades of life’s bumps and bruises, back injuries, and other mishaps. I came to Alaska in 2002 where I took my first group practice at Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage. I took my first Hot Yoga class there from Katey Inman, a landmark in my practice that I will never forget! After my 200-hour Teacher Training from Katey Inman, I began teaching Hot Flow classes in 2011.
  I studied the Prajna Yoga system with Tias Little at Santa Fe since 2013; completing my 500hr certification there. Since then my teaching has moved into a slower more mindful direction; informed by insights gained from the study of anatomy and bodywork as well as from meditation. I strive in all my classes to help students to find mindful methods to sustainably practice their Yoga over the long term: finding ease and grace in the body and a centered and balanced life.

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